These are the stories of 15 families, told to Children’s Parliament to record and reflect on how families with children under the age of 8 have experienced these past tumultuous months.  

In our stories, we hear from parents and children about the early days of lockdown, about life and learning at home, about understanding the changes that were made to day-to-day life and about the first weeks of the journey back to some semblance of normality, what we might think of as a period of recovery. 

Our thanks to the parents and children who took part. Both adults and children spoke with us, and children were given an art-pack so that they could draw or create artworks that would help to tell their story – these had the working titles Coronavirus and Me and Back to Nursery/School.  

In each of our stories we have changed names and certain details to make sure that families remain anonymous. Thank you to our colleagues in Scottish Government (Early Learning and Childcare and Children’s Rights and Participation Team) who have supported this project and also to our colleagues in community-based services – we cannot name you to ensure anonymity for families but we do hope that these stories and the Listen and Act summary and call to action below bring proper attention and support to the essential work you do. 

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Please also take a look at our programme of work on children’s experiences of Coronavirus. This includes our national wellbeing survey How are you doing? and our Corona Times Journal bit.ly/Coronavirus_Kids 

We have also published Back to School a rights-based approach to recovery to support schools deliver a recovery curriculum in work with children in upper primary and early secondary https://backtoschool.scot/  

If you would like to tell us what you think about our programme of work email info@childrensparliament.org.uk